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It’s true. We are still alive. The trips to Ireland, Japan and Texas didn’t stop us. The Electoral College didn’t stop us. We’re still waiting to see if Nostradamus’s predictions of Y2K computer glitches will stop us.

And because we’re still around, we get to share what the maharajahs taught us on the tallest mountaintop in western Washington … how to be truly wicked. And how to … well, shoot, there was something else, but I forget right now.

All that being said, and you’re still reading? Bravo.

We are planning to perform at the 2017 Magnolia Summerfest … so circle August 5 on your calendars!

Here we are performing Shameless at last year’s Magnolia Summerfest …

Emi Ponce de Souza
Emi Ponce de SouzaVocals, Guitar, Castinettes
Emi has done great things, especially since she never made it past third grade (ssshhhh). We’re very proud of her. Not sure how medical school accepted her.
Greg Jackson
Greg JacksonBass, Vocals, Noodle-Knees
Greg recently achieved a certificate in enlightenment from the Gig Harbor Educational Annex. His parakeets have all flown away. But don’t sad for him – he now has an iguana that is very loving.
Eric Souza
Eric SouzaGuitars, Whining
Eric secretly loves Emi. Someday he may work up the courage to tell her.
Benton Richardson
Benton RichardsonPercussion
Ben is the overweight lovable one, that is always in the back row. He’s good for our likability score.
Eric Anthony Souza-Ponce
Eric Anthony Souza-PonceShredding
He had a hard time deciding between running track and showing up today. By the way, this is the year we tell him who his real parents are. Wait for it …
Hayden Richardson
Hayden RichardsonGuitars
Hayden is best known for stealing a pontoon and leading marine officials on a 13-day chase through the wilds of Idaho. He also plays a mean guitar.